Frequently Asked Questions


Is garlic good for me?

Fresh garlic is extremely good for your health and has also been referred to as ‘the perennial spice of life’.  Studies have concluded that fresh garlic is beneficial for heart, lung and circulatory conditions, as well as certain cancers. Fresh garlic also has natural anti-bacterial and fungal properties, is known to lower blood pressure, assists with headaches, stimulates the immune function and lower blood sugar levels.

What food group does garlic belong to?

Garlic, leeks, onions, chives, and shallots all belong to the allium genus of the liliaceae (lily) group of plants, of which there are some 600 species.

Locally Grown VS Imported Garlic

Much of the garlic being consumed in Australia today has been imported.  Imported garlic has been treated with powerful, often toxic chemicals such as methyl bromide.  Australian quarantine laws demand this treatment in order to kill any biological or fungal threats to our local eco-systems.

Locally-grown garlic will always deliver a healthier, fresher and more full flavoured product- even more of a reason to support local!

How best do I store my garlic?

Simply store in a dry, well ventilated location, away from direct sunlight, other heat AND humidity  (e.g. pantry). In Southern/cooler locales, do NOT store it in the fridge as this will encourage your garlic to sprout prematurely and shorten its shelf-life, as fridges are usually too damp. However, in Northern, hot or hot/humid locales, your garlic may well store better in a well maintained fridge (or cellar) than being exposed to extreme heat and/or humidity.

Can I eat garlic which has sprouted?

Yes. Our garlic only sprouts naturally and not prematurely as it is not cold-stored. Once sprouted, the flavour may not be at its most pungent but it still tastes very good and is definitely superior to most shop bought garlic. Some people prefer to remove and discard the green sprout when they cut the garlic in half and others eat it sprouts and all.

How do you plant and harvest your garlic?

All our garlic is planted by hand, weeded by hand and harvested by hand.  Growing garlic can be labour intensive but is a great interest if you enjoy getting your hands dirty and connecting with nature. 

Which fertilisers do you use on your garlic?

Our aim is to bring you as natural a product as possible and therefore we only use organic based fertilisers on our garlic.  Additionally, there are no pesticides used in the production of our garlic. 

Why is the GARLIC CRUSH green sometimes?

Garlic contains water-soluble pigments (anthocyanins) that may turn blue, green or purple in an acid (e.g. vinegar) solution. This colour transformation tends to occur more often mature garlic.

The garlic flavour remains unchanged and totally edible.