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About Harmony Garlic

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Given the current obsession with food, flavour, eating locally and naturally grown, surely Australian restaurants, retailers and consumers have ready access to Australian grown garlic product for 12 months of the year, right?

That’s what award winning garlic grower Brian from Gordon, Victoria thought – but he was wrong.

We started growing a few varieties of garlic about 6 years ago and couldn’t believe how quickly we sold out of product.  At the time there was an inadequate supply of fresh, quality Australian grown garlic for consumers. 

Each year we have been substantially increasing our production to meet a growing customer demand.

Brian also had customers with various requests for their garlic which included cooking convenience, options for use and year round availability to local garlic product. 

So from the early days, we also developed a range of value add garlic products such as pre-peeled garlic, crushes, de-hydrated, smoked, pickled, salts / seasonings and the increasingly popular black garlic.   Not only are these products packaged to meet the needs of domestic households and commercial kitchens, but they enable us to supply Australian garlic product 12 months of the year.

We also grow several varieties of garlic, some of which have a 10 – 12 months shelf life if stored correctly.

Harmony Garlic's range of garlic products have grown significantly over the years.

The more we explore the world of garlic, the more we acknowledge there is probably no end to the uses of garlic in the culinary arts.  Our customers are keen to discover new ways to appreciate this humble vegetable and are wanting to try our pickled garlic in salads, the smoked garlic on a cheese board or ploughman’s plate, the confit garlic spread across their favourite roast and our black garlic pureed in olive oil, smeared on crostini, incorporated into a dressing or rubbed on chicken before roasting.

Garlic can be an extremely versatile vegetable and if the product is of quality stock, grown naturally and processed with due respect, can add amazing zing and flavour to numerous

Consumers are now more aware of where their food is grown and how it is grown.

Absolutely.  Our products are regularly tested by food laboratories and always comply with any required standards.  Consumers want to know that environmental impacts have been minimised.

Brian adds - Our garlic is grown using organic principles and is completely chemical free.   It is 100% Australian grown and is full of flavour – the imported equivalent products don’t come close in quality, freshness or flavour.  I’m extremely passionate about doing the right thing by our soils and planet and producing a superior product which provides maximum nutritional value to our customers.

What is your main suggestion to your customers?

Eat for flavour and not price point.  Eat natural and local wherever possible.  Celebrate real flavour, real food, friends, family and the good times.

Don’t expect heavily processed foods treated with all types of unnatural chemicals / preservatives or foods that have been kept in long term storage to have the same flavour – because they won’t.

What aspects of your garlic journey brings you the most satisfaction?

There are many aspects which bring real joy.  A summary would include:

  • The response  from customers.  They can immediately taste the difference when they first taste one of our products – it’s a real thrill to see their reaction
  • The knowledge that several customers use our garlic to assist with various health issues
  • The fact that we have repeat customers who have fallen ‘in love’ with one or more of our products and are adding them to much of their culinary experiments.
  • We are a growing Australian 100% owned and operated business.  We now employ several local people on our staff.  They all bring different experience to our operation while adding considerable value and diversity

Your business has received several awards since being established.  Which is your most recent?

Only in the last couple weeks, two varieties of our fresh garlic won the gold and silver medals in the ‘fresh garlic category’ at the Australian Food Awards.  This was the first time we had entered this prestigious competition and we are delighted with the results.

And what’s next for Harmony Garlic?

Global garlic domination is probably a little ambitious. 

We’re a modern lean and agile business but we do have a business development strategy in place which includes:

  • A focus on premium product quality and innovative products
  • Continue to grow our Australian retail, food service and online presence
  • Develop additional export relationships and distribution channels
  • Develop relationships with key opinion leaders such as chefs and restaurants